1. Ferocactus diguetii | ©Jesus Gordolomi

    Common names. Giant Barrel Cactus, Biznaga Barril de Santa Catalina.

    Ferocactus diguetii (Caryophyllales - Cactaceae) is a species of colum-like cactus island endemic from the Gulf of California, Mexico, only found in Del Carmen, Santa Catalina, Cerralvo, Danzante, and San Diego islands.

    It is a spectacular cactus that grows up to 4 m tall. It is among the largest species of column-like cacti, usually unbranched, forming a solitary column. The plants from this species are probably the largest and most spectacular Ferocactus.

    This cactus, like many other species —both plants and animals— found on islands, shows the phenomenon of gigantism, being larger and more robust than its nearest relatives in continental regions.

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